Asics Sonic Sprint Yellow


Kód: G403Y 0743


Elitní sprintérské tretry viac

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Štandardná cena: 112,50 € - Ušetríte: 56,20 €
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Asics Sonic Sprint Yellow 46 EURO/10,5 UK/11,5 US/29 cm Skladom Těšín 56,30 €

Whether it's the 100m, 200m, or the short hurdles - the SonicSprint™ is ideal for top level sprinters seeking a high performance shoe for fast times on the track. The sturdy Pebax Plate of the SonicSprint™ provides a great platform for building speed from the gun. The removable 6-pin spike configuration is positioned to the exact needs of sprinters for start, push, and finish. The form-fitting upper of the SonicSprint™ model features lightweight yet supportive synthetic leather for enhanced control when burning the curve. Comes with 6mm pyramid spikes and wrench.

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