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Výrobca: Asics
Kód produktu: G502Y 0790

53,80 € s DPH, Štandardná cena 77 € , Ušetríte 23,20 € s DPH (30%) Do 10 prac. dní

Štandardná cena: 77 € - Ušetríte: 23,20 €
53,80 € s DPH,
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43,5 EURO/8,5 UK/9,5 US/28 cm Do 10 prac. dní 53,80 €
44 EURO/9 UK/10 US/28,5 cm Do 10 prac. dní 53,80 €
44,5 EURO/9,5 UK/10,5 US/28,75 cm Do 10 prac. dní 53,80 €
45 EURO/10 UK/11 US/29 cm Do 10 prac. dní 53,80 €
46 EURO/10,5 UK/11,5 US/29,5 cm Do 10 prac. dní 53,80 €

Need negative splits? The answer is here. Our new seamless upper design features our new “SPEED MESH” which combines with the thin TPU overlays to provide a sock-like fit. The new lightweight Pebax Spike Plate features a more extended design with midfoot wraps which provide optimal support to help get you to the finish line faster. An E.V.A heel wedge provides extra cushion and greater versatility for sprinters who are seeking lightweight performance at 400m to 1000m and hurdles. All of this at a great entry level price. Comes with 6mm pyramid spikes and wrench. Weight: 6.0 oz (with pins).

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