Výrobca: Asics
Kód produktu: T749N 5656

170,30 € s DPH, Štandardná cena 189,20 € , Ušetríte 18,90 € s DPH (10%) Do 10 prac. dní

Štandardná cena: 189,20 € - Ušetríte: 18,90 €
170,30 € s DPH,
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320 g
10 mm
zvýšená - nadmerná
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42,5 EURO/8 UK/9 US/27 cm Do 10 prac. dní 170,30 €
43,5 EURO/8,5 UK/9,5 US/27,5 cm Do 10 prac. dní 170,30 €
44 EURO/9 UK/10 US/28 cm Do 10 prac. dní 170,30 €
44,5 EURO/9,5 UK/10,5 US Do 10 prac. dní 170,30 €
45 EURO/10 UK/11 US/28,5 cm Do 10 prac. dní 170,30 €
46 EURO/10,5 UK/11,5 US/29 cm Do 10 prac. dní 170,30 €

The wide fit GEL-KAYANO 24 for men is lightweight and made for long distance runs. This iconic road running shoe has racked up more than 20 years of success, helping over pronators stay stable and comfortable over long distances. The last mile is just as comfortable as the first thanks to superb FlyteFoam cushioning midsole that helps the shoes recover their shape after impact. This means the more you roll your foot, the more stable it will become. 

The shoe has been improved with a range of new features including a newly designed upper using jacquard mesh for an enhanced fit; an improved fit and stability with a metaclutch for better heel holding; a new heel lining offers maximum comfort, and a new medial support system and more spacious toe box make the GEL-KAYANO 24 supremely comfortable for your long distance. 


  • 10mm heel drop
  • Lightweight without sacrificing on stability
  • Ideal for long distances
  • New improved upper 
  • Improved fit and stability
  • Metaclutch for better heel holding
  • New heel height and lining 
  • New medial support system
  • More spacious toe box
  • Higher density lasting and stobel
  • FlyteFoam midsole
zvýšená - nadmerná
Rozdiel výšky pata-špička
10 mm
320 g

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