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Výrobca: Asics
Kód produktu: T4E0N 3007

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77,20 € s DPH,
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The new, lighter GEL-FujiSensor 3 is designed to be comfortable on longer trail runs.

Over tough terrain, it provides maximum comfort with rearfoot GEL and a double-density midsole with a softer top layer.

The newest edition also features SpEVA 45 lasting which adds even greater comfort to your trail runs.

The full contact outsole gives you a firm, assured grip with every landing. And now the outsole has a slightly lower density for even better grip.

It also provides better grip on uphill and downhill tracks with large lugs on the outsole positioned to match the angle of your foot on landing and push off.

Layered upper construction secures your midfoot and provides extra support while you run.

And there's improved upper fitting with more adaptive materials used. For more comfort, an attached tongue works like a built-in gaiter that stops mud getting in your shoe.

364 g

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